You ready for another Doll to dominate?

Ashley Roberts has slowly but surely strutted her way into solo stardom over the past years, from her cover of Bobby Newberry‘s “All In A Day” to “Yesterday” to her most recent single in April, the clock-grabbing power ballad, “Clockwork.”

But now, it’s like really, really happening.

Today, Ashley announced her debut studio album Butterfly Effect (named after the Ashton Kutcher movie, no doubt) due out in the UK on September 1, a “fantastically diverse set of songs and etched her own personality on a sound that she’s incredibly proud of,” recorded at London’s Metropolis Studios last year.

Ahead of the record’s release, Ashley’s just dropped a brand new lady power single called “Woman Up,” a stomping, horn-filled fighter anthem (which Legendtina would no doubt approve of) all about being independent and empowered and staying strong. “This is for my girls who woman up!” the former “I Don’t Need A Man” diva almightily declares.

Sure, the song would likely sound slightly better if backed by an assortment of fellow high-kicking, hair-flipping songbirds, but if a PCD reunion really isn’t something all the girls are willing to doo-do-doo-da-doo, it’s time to settle in and embrace the solo chapters of each girl’s career.

Sisters (and Pussycats) are doing it for themselves. Woman up! Woman up!

‘Butterfly Effect’ will be released on September 1. (iTunes)