That’s Not My Usual Sound.

How now…Here we have the Ting Tings in rare form for their next single, “Be The One.” Namely, a nonirritating form.

“Be The One” is a quick and lovely moment, unlike the last two noisy clangers of much sonic boom and little substance. The accompanying video is quite nice as well, though I have to wonder how the direction of this video transpired: “Okay Katie, you’re doing great! Now…sexy eyes! Yes! Now I want you to look up suggestively, perhaps batting your lash–YES! Now…squinty, sexy eye strains! Yes,yes–YES!!!”

I think that’s how it went.

Oh, and somewhere about two minutes in I started fading out and postulating mental questions regarding the brilliance of the soon-to-be-premiered Girls Aloud single. It will, no doubt, be epic.

Track O’ The Day

Track O’ The Day

Who’s up for a bit of grandness?

Girls Aloud: Continuing To Provide Reasons To Live

Girls Aloud: Continuing To Provide Reasons To Live

According to the ever-reliable PopJustice!

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