Introducing…The Ropes!

These two people are collectively called The Ropes. The Ropes are very, very good.

I first heard about them in 2006. I don’t remember how, but I stumbled upon their single “Kill Her Off,” a fantastically sinister electro-killer, and was immediately hooked. The song is essentially the stuff of my fantasized Shirley Manson solo album that has yet to see the light of day.

Then, I never heard or saw anything by the band again.

Well, until now that is…Thank you, internet ads.

Turns out the band’s been preparing an album the entire time, and lo and behold, it has been out for a few months: What They Do For Fun. While I track down the album, check them out here and listen to the song I originally fell in love with two years ago, “Kill Her Off.”

Critical Analysis of Doll Domination

Critical Analysis of Doll Domination

The “snippets” (if you will) of PCD‘s Doll Domination have

The Promise: First Thoughts

The Promise: First Thoughts

A countdown!

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