Introduucing…Ed Drewett!

Having just penned the #1 debut single for the rather attractive boy band The Wanted (“All Time Low”), as well being featured on Professor Green‘s springtime smash (“I Need You Tonight”), Virgin Records’ latest male pop sensation Ed Drewett isn’t exactly a stranger to the UK pop charts at the moment.

On November 1, the singer will release his debut solo effort: “Champagne Lemonade.”

“Champagne Lemonade” is a sparkling, synth-tastic affair, produced by former member of Perfect Pop production troupe Xenomania, Tim Powell. There are some vague dubstep undertones throughout, as well as some Calvin Harris-esque euphoria electronica.

With his debut, the singer bemoans his underdog status while competing for a lady’s affections. Thematically it’s similar to Cee Lo‘s “Fuck You,” albeit with less talk of Ataris and more of delicious beverages.

For US readers, the video isn’t available from Vevo (international copyrights, fascist pigs, etc.)–click here to watch it in the meantime from The Sun.

Above is the newly released video to accompany the single, in which Drewett and some sexy ladies pound some balls around in inappropriately dressy attire. I like that sort of thing.

While Drewett’s single is all shades of amazing, I highly recommend a trip over to Drewett’s MySpace to hear the incredible demo for “Parallels,” which is probably one of the more incredible records I’ve heard this year.

“Parallels” plays like a Sting track crossed with a ravey, teary-eyed version of Madonna‘s “Get Together,” as Drewett waxes inspirational across a series of hi-NRG synths: “You only once, then you die, then you’re through / But you only die once, so will you live ’til you do?” Truly, truly fantastic.

“Champagne Lemonade” will be released on November 1.

Drewett’s upcoming debut album will be released in March 2011, featuring production credits from the likes of Greg Kurstin and Fraser T. Smith.

Something tells me it’s going to be very good.

Many thanks to Sir Oliver Meakings of Teen Today for first making me aware of Ed Drewett.

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