Critical Analysis of Doll Domination

The “snippets” (if you will) of PCD‘s Doll Domination have surfaced. Let’s analyze them now through a critical lens, shall we?

1. “When I Grow Up”
2. “Bottle Pop” Featuring Snoop Dogg
3. “Whatcha Think About That” Featuring Missy Elliot
4. “I Hate This Part”
5. “Takin’ Over The World”
6. “Out Of This Club” Featuring R.Kelly & Polow Da Don
7. “Who’s Gonna Love You”
8. “Happily Never After”
9. “Magic”
10. “Halo”
11. “In Person”
12. “Elevator”
13. “Hush Hush”
14. “Love The Way You Love Me”
15. “Whatchamacallit”
16. “I’m Done”
17. “Baby Love”
18: “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps”

Total listenability as computed through thumb algebra: %38.88 listenable.

This is what we in the industry like to call “a shit show.”
Girls Aloud: Continuing To Provide Reasons To Live

Girls Aloud: Continuing To Provide Reasons To Live

According to the ever-reliable PopJustice!

Introducing…The Ropes!

Introducing…The Ropes!

These two people are collectively called The Ropes

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