Enrique Loves Ciara

Here we have “Takin’ Back My Love,” a track from Enrique Iglesias, featuring the increasingly below-the-radar talent Ciara. (She has gone a bit downward in popularity, hasn’t she? Lord knows “Go Girl” isn’t going to be a global smash. “Echo” is another story. However, I’m still in a parentheses, so this train of thought is now to end.)

The song is confirmed to be the second single from Enrique Iglesias’ upcoming greatest hits album, Greatest Hits of Enrique, due out Nov. 11.

Despite the fact that it literally is Lady GaGa‘s “Just Dance,” (just as are most of the songs off of her debut), this song is still quite good.

This RedOne sound…It might be just the antidote needed to counter the Timbaland epidemic. It’s way more hands-in-the-air than Timba, and that’s fine by me. I’ll be damned if that twangy electro noise is featured in every song though.

I’m Bored Of The Same Old Lines

I’m Bored Of The Same Old Lines

I first wrote about James Yuill in passing with the This Is Not London post a

Grace Jones: Hurricane (Review)

Grace Jones: Hurricane (Review)

Grace Jones is ferocious

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