After dazzling the world in dishwashing gloves with her show-stopping tribute to The Sound Of Music at the Oscars, Lady Gaga is embracing her inner theater geek just a little harder and horror-ier this year: She’s going to star in American Horror Story: Hotel in October.

The brief announcement video is positively GaGhoulish — from the monster paw (PUT YOUR FUCKING PAWS UP!), to the weird couture black mask thing, to the way she dramatically whispers “HOTEL.

The best part, though, is that it feels like we’re living in a parallel universe where The Fame Monster era never ended. Release “Dance In The Dark” and “Monster” as singles now, Mother Monster!

I guess I’m finally tuning in to watch AHS for the first time.

Here is the truly terrifying first trailer for the upcoming season…you’ve been warned.

Just kidding. Here’s the actual trailer.