I’m Bored Of The Same Old Lines

I first wrote about James Yuill in passing with the This Is Not London post a few days ago, and it appears he’s come right back into my radar (on my ray-dah).

Now, Yuill is putting a clever twist upon Rod Thomas‘ “Same Old Lines,” a deadly earnest track that seems to pluck all the right chords with me. Adding a bit of much-needed stomp and claps with a splash of white noise electronica, Yuill’s reinvention of Thomas’ single breathes new life into the track’s already charming demeanor.

Yuill’s people have been very nice, and have allowed me to offer up the track for free! So go ahead and take advantage of that.

DL: Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines (James Yuill Remix)

Be sure to check out the original here. To entice you, you need know only one detail: Sock puppets. See now, there you go clicking!

Like A Hurricane

Like A Hurricane

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