Girls Aloud: She

Oi! The B-side to Girls Aloud‘s “The Promise” is now out! Let’s explore.

Points of excellence:

The X-Files-esque backing beat that feels a bit like a spookier “Girl Overboard.”

Chugging beat a la classic Sound of the Underground and What Would The Neighbours Say?.

Cold, detached quality a la Chemistry and Tangled Up.

Nadine‘s middle eight.

Nadine’s middle eight echo.


Points of disinterest:

Chorus feels a little sloppy.

Result: 90% Perfection.

DL: Girls Aloud – She

Oh yeah, and even though you should always be checking PJ on a regular basis, head to PopJustice! now to hear a small clip of the girl’s collabo with Pet Shop Boys on the new album, called “The Loving Kind.” It’s pure sad disco, and probably about to be one of the songs of the year for many, many people.

Trying To Get My Ya-Ya

Trying To Get My Ya-Ya

I can’t wait anymore… This is “Side Chick,” just one of

Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Live In Boston (Review)

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My sugar is raw

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