We’ve already seen two brilliant singles off of Kaskade‘s delicious 2011 double-disc Fire & Ice thus far: “Eyes” with Mindy Gledhill and “Turn It Down” with Rebecca & Fiona.

Now, the beloved DJ is unleashing his collaboration with brooding singer-songwriter Skylar Grey as Single #3: “Room For Happiness,” a mournful, yet ultimately uplifting trance number. “Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness,” Grey cries out during the chorus.

To launch the track, the two have just unleashed clips for both the Fire and Ice mixes of “Room For Happiness,” which burn with two different energies: The uptempo Fire Mix video includes some high-rising flames (shocking!), while the solemn Ice Mix contains–you guessed it–a rather snowy situation.

In either case, Grey looks absolutely gorgeous as the girl interrupted, while Kaskade’s looking, err…a little creepy handling those dials and surveillance cameras. Can’t you, like…come in and give her a hug or something, dude?

Skylar’s burning up, burning up for your love! But she’s frozen when your heart’s not open.

“Room For Happiness” was released on February 7. (iTunes)