Amanda Palmer: Leeds United

While strolling down Newbury Street over the past few months, I’ve always remained subconsciously aware of the promotional signs splayed across the Newbury Comics windowpanes, celebrating the release of Dresden Dolls‘ member, Amanda Palmer‘s solo debut, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? . Aware, though uninvolved.

Now I’m wishing that I hopped on board when I first saw it coming. While I start educating myself properly about the release, I can share what I do know: As part of an ongoing series surrounding the release, Amanda Palmer has been releasing music videos for each track off the album. This is the newest video for “Leeds United.”

As you may notice, the Cabaret has gone a bit morbid within this fabulous go-around. Perhaps I’m a sucker for a name in lights, but after ten seconds, I was sold on the spot. Within a crowded room full of chic freaks and glamorous queens, Amanda viciously croons her way through the horn-bleating number with a dangerous sort of conviction, moving around with a Rat Pack type of swagger. And while I can’t quite describe Palmer’s sound, it’s a bit like having Grace Jones cover the campier offerings of Liza Minelli back catalog, then coated over with the crunchy seduction of Shirley Manson. Am I making any sense yet?

Most likely not, so be sure to check out the album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? here. The page offers some incredibly awesome, voyeur-friendly access into the complex formation of this long-coming project with co-producer Ben Folds, so be sure to read up on it…I know I will.

DL: Amanda Palmer – Leeds United

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