While galavanting (and/or SLOW DANCING) ’round the country on her first ever national tour, Betty Who‘s just come through with the visual for her sparkling, crunchy spring-into-summertime jam, “Heartbreak Dream.”

The video is essentially a time capsule of The Who Experience leading up to this very moment in time, including press tours, selfies with fans including Beyoncé and hilar banter moments with her bandmates on the road, all centered around a live performance of the track. (The very #intimate serenade during the song’s bridge to an entranced Who Crew member is my favorite part.)

It’s all very representative of Betty’s sexuberant (accidental misspell, but SO KEEPING IT), infectious personality, and a solid lead-in to to release of her upcoming Slow Dancing EP on April 8 — as well as her major label debut due out later this year on RCA. Yaaaas, Betty!

The ‘Slow Dancing EP’ will be released on April 8. (iTunes)