Daily B: Circus Art

As a Britney fan (number one fan, so the record shows), I’ve come to expect that the record company will do all that it can to throw an image/font concoction at my face that I was completely not expecting. I’m still not sure anyone has quite gotten over the Blackout situation. As a result, I had no expectations coming into Circus.

And so, here we are….Her most airbrushed to date, which is a bit upsetting. She’s gorgeous in the (actual) flesh right now, so there was no need to be altering her image to the degree of Mariah. However, she does look beautiful. It’s a demure shot, perhaps a bit too Jessica Simpson, but it’s sweet and pleasant. The dress is strange for me, as is the plain backdrop and the gratuitous star border, but I’m going to be able to get over that. Someday. Regardless, considering the dire state of album covers in this day and age, it’s simply NOT. THAT. BAD. I’m generally fine with it. I’m sure we were all expecting some more scandalous, daring imagery (fighting tigers, eating fire, etc.), but maybe we will inside of the album jacket…Who knows?

Look…above all, this is a Britney Spears cover–They’ve not exactly been artwork in the past. Just wait until the songs hit the street.

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