Daily B: Turning Japanese

If you weren’t already made aware, Britney‘s in Japan right now. I know this because she’s texted us all throughout the past two nights around 2 AM with sage words of wisdom, including: “I went shopping!” “The cars are so small here!” and “I love Japan!”

Yesterday, the Princess of Pop visited popular music program Hey!Hey!Hey! for a slightly stripped down performance of “Womanizer.” Britney worked it out in a classy black jacket and a black top hat a la “Circus,” incorporating some new bend-and-snaps and a bit of hat trickery into the choreography. I just wish she’d leave the damn bloomers for Madonna, already. Not flattering!

The performance was then followed by a now trademark round of questioning, as the host of the show attempts (in vain) to coerce the star into going beyond her usual vocabulary. The rundown goes a bit something like this:

“How are you liking the program?”
“It’s awesome!”
“How are you liking our country?”
“It’s beautiful!
“Are you having fun?”
“It’s awesome!”
“What are your feelings regarding the credit crunch sweeping throughout the global economy, resulting in massive expense cutbacks and major layoffs across businesses worldwide?”
“They want my job?!”

I’m sorry, that last one was just a misinterpretation from Brit Brit’s interview on Star Academy.

Just earlier today, B followed up her Hey!Hey!Hey! performance with an appearance on NTV’s Best Artist 2008. In her most boobie-fied performance yet, the Princess of Pop donned a burst-ready bra and a glistening, white top hat for another round of “Womanizer,” dancing in a similar style to last night’s performance. My question remains the same: What happened to that big ball, Britney? That was such a fierce way to end! Airline security must have had a hand in this, no doubt.

Anywho, B should be on her way back to the States at some point later today.

In the meantime, make absolutely SURE you tune in to see her segment on Ellen today. It will, no doubt, be EPIC. Ellen + Britney…I can’t wait!

Gratuitous But Vital

Gratuitous But Vital

Since no one managed to fulfill my request, I was forced to complete it on my

Daily B: It’s Britney and Ellen, Bitch.

Daily B: It’s Britney and Ellen, Bitch.

Because it deserves its own post, Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres go around

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