The videos are slowly pouring in from last night’s The Girls Aloud Party on ITV, though it’s safe to assume that the Girl’s first variety show of silly skits and live performances with guest stars was was nothing but pure, cheesy goodness to go down easy with the egg nog. Along with a slew of embarrassing sketches, the Girls performed some of their greatest hits and newest tracks.

So far, “The Loving Kind” is now up. I’m quite a fan of the Girls-gone-gothic tutus (very “Something Kinda Oooh” meets Kerli). As per usual with a live Girls Aloud affair, the song features some dodgy opening vocals followed by some rather surprisingly strong ad-libbing. The biggest surprise of the whole performance? Nicola’s absolutely stunning delivery of her “I’d do annnything!” bits! So much stronger than the actual recording…She’s a force to be reckoned with yet.

Make sure you’re watching in HD the full, glittertastic experience!

EDIT: Alright, so all of the videos are now up, thanks to user girlsaloudthepromise. Please make sure to watch all of the performances, which have been simply smashing so far. And then, of course, there’s the intro.

If there was any video made that best defines everything that I love and am as a person, it is this one. But if there were to be a runner up, it would probably be the opening to The Girls Aloud Party.


EDIT 3: I will proudly feature anyone who will make me an animated icon from this segment with Paul O’Grady, starting from 1:00 to 1:02. Make it go forever on loop, please.


If this song does not see the light of day as a proper single, the Girls will have severely missed out on another solid #1 opportunity (not that they won’t get it with “The Loving Kind” already). What a blistering performance! The camp dance moves…The feather fans…That sassy opening pose! It’s all a bit too much to handle for me, as you might be able to tell.

EDIT 5: How they managed to make their greatest stomper even more Hi-NRG is beyond me. They nailed it…Killed it. Best damn girl group of all time, period.

DL: Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind (Single Version)