N.A.S.A.: Rather Gifted

Sam Spiegel (perhaps better known as Squeak E. Clean) is, as we all may soon come to realize, the devil. One needs only briefly look over the exhaustive list of indie darlings and pop culture icons (including Karen O, Nina Persson, Lovefoxxx, Tom Waits, and Ghostface Killah) set to lay down their vocals upon his killer debut album, The Spirit of Apollo, in February 2009 to know that for sure. The only explanation of this impossible gathering of talent is dark magick, leading to what will surely become a downward spiral of hellfire and damnation upon the Earth, at last leading us all unto the End Of Days.

But until that day, we’ve got one new track from the release called “Gifted,” which benefits from the assistance of Kanye West on the first verse, Santogold on the second, and Lykke Li in the choruses. A hipster’s wet dream? You bet your sweet girly ass jeans it is. Yet with its uber-slick synthesized production and bouncy, bubbly bass, the Apocalypse has never sounded so sweet.

DL: N.A.S.A. – Gifted ft. Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li

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