Frankmusik: Completing Complete Me

First it was “Better Off As Two.” Then came the briefly confused murmur of “Confusion Girl.” Now, it’s finally confirmed.

“Complete Me” will be the first single from Mr. Vincent Frank‘s upcoming debut album. Word on the street is that it’s an off-shoot from the Stuart Price sessions, though I can’t quite confirm that yet.

After roughly five listens, I can officially declare myself to be lukewarm in regard to this new single. Yes, I am severely underwhelmed by this production! Sure, it’s lush and lovely in bits, but I don’t find myself especially taken by the message OR the melody here. This, in effect, makes me sad.

Maybe it’s the weather?

DL: Frankmusik – Complete Me (ShareBee)

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EDIT: By the way, it’s not entirely confirmed yet.

The roundabout continues!

How To Spell Epic? V…

How To Spell Epic? V…

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Brit Awards: 2009

Brit Awards: 2009

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