Antigone: Promiscuity

Rarely does a press release catch my eye, but the latest package from Antigone‘s headquarters has prompted a second listening:

Lady Gaga, Little Boots, La Roux … L’ Antigone?

Just when you thought it was impossible for another female electro artist to emerge triumphant, in marches Antigone with her second single, ‘Promiscuity’. Oui, it’s about sex. But no-one is writing or singing about sex quite like this. While Lady rides the disco stick and Lily laments the wet patch, sexual love in Antigone land is ambiguous, androgynous and intriguing. Her nod to the 80’s harks semantic, not just graphic and acoustic.

Enter Lady Antigone.

While I found myself feeling ultimately un-sold by her uber-flamboyant, Róisín-tastic 2008 debut, “More Man Than Man,” the follow-up single has finally secured my accolades.

“Promiscuity” is not a club banger, nor a predictable verse-to-chorus sugary pop confection. Rather, it plays like a complex, colorful array of grinding synthesizer streams and glimmering piano melodies. The tune finds our chanteuse bitterly recalling the dastardly efforts of the track’s namesake temptress, Promiscuity. Seductively sashaying in and out of the airwaves like its temptress namesake, Antigone’s vocals glide across the super slick Goldfrapp-friendly production with a delicate, wispy air, as though Kate Havnevik decided to stroll into her local discotheque.

All in all, it’s one of the more clever and exciting dance-pop productions I’ve heard in a while…Consider me an official fan.

Antigone’s long overdue debut album, AntigoneLand, will be released worldwide on April 20.

Click above for a free download of “Promiscuity” NOW, and below to hear more from Antigone.
Antigone - More Man Than Man - EP

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