Madonna Week has come to an end on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — and oh, what a glorious celebration it has been.

We’ve come so far, having lived for love, Kanye West and Zimmer frames, unsubtly attempted to sit on Justin Bieber‘s face and broken down in head-to-toe leather in a Ghosttown…and now, we’ve ended up in the toilet. Poignant, really.

As with Ciara and her most legendary “Potty Party,” Madge hit the loo with her favorite gal-pal-turned-Sandra Bernhard-fill-in for a very Sapphic, yet faithful rendition of her sparkly 1985 Like A Virgin gem, “Dress You Up.”

Dressed in white robes clearly borrowed from the filming of Truth Or Dare, the two #UnapologeticBathroomBitches launched into a joyful, occasionally handsy performance as they stroked each others thighs, gazed into each other’s eyes and crooned the classic tune. Get a room, you two! (Oh wait, you did.)

Of course, what would a performance of “Dress You Up” be without some actual dressing up midway through? Ellen opted for the goofy glasses, while Madge took the “Don’t Tell Me” cowboy hat before ripping off her robe (obviously) to reveal a cute heart dress underneath…and gave us some serious air guitar in the process. These two ought to go out on tour together!

I’m seriously going to miss Madonna Week! Luckily, every week is Madonna Week in my world.