Excuse Me Sir, But I Believe Your Disco Stick Is Showing.

God, this woman’s just churning these puppies out, now isn’t she? Yes Muusers…For better or (quite possibly) for worse, it’s time again for some Gaga.

And now, a rundown of moments and counts.

BRITNEY DID IT” moment: 0:07.
MADONNA DID IT” moment: 2:03.
JANET DID IT” moment: 3:25.
“DID GAGA JUST DO THAT?” moment: 2:23.
Most Epic Moment Ever Recorded At A Turnstile: 1:22.
“Isn’t that…Christina Aguilera?” moment: 2:30.
Does alternative eye wear meet or rival that of Beyoncé‘s “Diva”: Yes.
Count of awkward, jitter-like dance moves: Buttloads.
Count of seconds devoted to the oft-name dropped “disco stick”: Not nearly enough…Not nearly enough.
Count of lesbian indulgences: 1.
Count of shameless brand advertising: 3.
Count of shameless vagina flashes: 3.
Count of pairs of pants for the Gaga: 0.

Overall: 8.55 / 10

And that’s that.

One more thing: I would like for someone to buy me a disco stick in the near future.

Nadia Ali: Love Story

Nadia Ali: Love Story

If you’re unaware, I’m currently in the running to be

V-D Day

V-D Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Muusers!

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