V-D Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Muusers!

On this Holiest of Days, let us reflect upon to the timeless words of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who I believe once said: “Two hearts are beating together, I’m in love (ah-woo), I’m in love (ah-woo).”

As a reminder…Please, please, please don’t do anything stupid tonight. If we’re to learn anything from our celebrity brethren, it is the value and sanctity of the almighty safety word. Myself? I like “Cantaloupe.”

(Note: Not to be confused with the phrase “Can’t Elope,” a signal to slowly rise up from your kneeling position and return the ring still hidden in your left pocket tomorrow. She totally wasn’t the one for you, anyway. I mean, honestly…Who smells that way in the morning?)

Okay, that’s it. Have fun!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, send an e-mail to me at [email protected] with the subject line “I Love Mariah!” to enter the MuuMuse Loves Mariah contest for her new album, The Ballads! You’ve got til’ midnight, bitches.

Much love, amor, and voulez-vous coucher avec moi to you all.


DL: Saint Etienne – Method of Modern Love (Richard X Join Our Clique Remix) (Sharebee)
DL: Kylie Minogue – The One (Freemasons Remix) (Sharebee)
DL: Britney Spears – And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix) (Sharebee)
DL: Madonna – Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Mix) (Sharebee)

Excuse Me Sir, But I Believe Your Disco Stick Is Showing.

Excuse Me Sir, But I Believe Your Disco Stick Is Showing.

God, this woman’s just churning these puppies out, now isn’t she?

Baby On Board

Baby On Board


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