Paris Hilton–Queen of the Dance Floor and Handbags & Accessories in the Middle East–has been globetrotting for well over a year now, surveying the club scene and taking glam onstage shots with tons of DJs on her bedazzled Blackberry.

At the same time, the socialite-turned-songstress has been putting in work at the studio recording her much, much, much anticipated “House-inspired” sophomore record, which is being executive produced by Afrojack. While we’ve already heard a taste of what’s to come when the Dutch DJ teased out a deliciously icy teaser last year called “Good Time,” as well as “Drunk Text”–the World’s Greatest Sexting Cautionary Tale crafted with Manufactured Superstars–it seems Paris is finally prepared to premiere the first official single.

According to Digital Spy, the new single–“After Midnight”–will premiere on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest on June 5, exactly six years since the release of her debut single “Stars Are Blind.” And if she’s keeping to her word from back in January, it’s going to feature LMFAO.

To make the news even more impossibly amazing, Brazilian site Livepass reports that Queen Hilton will be performing (!) at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, alongside Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez. (Be right back–researching flights to Brazil immediately.)

Overwhelmed? You should be. This is the Greatest Pop News of 2012, second only to Girls Aloud‘s impending reunion and X Factor-ney. I’ve no doubt that in the capable hands of the producer of “Take Over Control,” Queen P might very well have the best dance record of the year clutched in between her diamond-encrusted nails.

Paris, quite simply, is here to slay.


Paris was released in August of 2006. (iTunes)