Cady Groves

The Summer of ’13 has already brought us a whole bunch of beach-friendly offerings from the likes of Selena Gomez, Megan & Liz, Miley Cyrus, Godney, Mariah Carey, Sevyn Streeter and The Dolls.

Now, Miss Cady Groves is joining the party with her very own sparkling pop anthem for the season.

I’ve been loving up on this little girl (who’s cay-puh-bull of murduh, if you hurt huh!) for years now, and she’s only continuing to grow with each new song.

After the release of her phenomenal track “Love Actually” in June last year, the pop-punk princess is back with yet another surefire anthem, co-crafted alongside Kristian Lundin (of Britney‘s “Born To Make You Happy” fame among other classics, so bow down accordingly.)

The song’s called “Forget You” — it’s an incredibly charming, catchy swoon-a-thon about falling in love and looking way, way ahead into the future — and all the various feels that come between now and then.

“It’s like you fell from outer space / You can bet your pretty face you will never be replaced / I won’t forget you-OO-ooh!” Cady solemnly swears above the punchy chorus. And judging by the fact that she’s committed the promise to song, I’m inclined to believe her!

“Forget You” lies somewhere in between the Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne realm of singer-songwriterdom: It’s got a lil’ nostalgic twang, some emo angst and a whole lot of power-pop punchiness. Also, the lyrics are a serious lump-in-throat inducer: “This is our bedtime story that we’ll tell our kids / And I’ll watch you fall asleep while holding all three / But until then, I won’t forget you.” GULP.

“Forget You” also happens to be featured on The Smurfs 2, alongside The Holy Spearit‘s Future 2014 Best Original Song Winner “Ooh La La”, as well as G.R.L.‘s summery single lady anthem, “Vacation.” Why? Because Smurfs have feelings too.

The accompanying video just premiered on Idolator this morning — and it’s all that the clip should be: A delightful “Teenage Dream”-esque affair of summer lovin’ and swoonin’ and playing in the sand and cuddlin’ all of the things that contribute to the Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix fund over at my apartment.

You’ve got yourself another winner, Cady!

“Forget You” was released on June 25. (iTunes)