Don’t ask.

In case you haven’t noticed, Mother Monster’s having a proper Mother Meltdown on Twitter this evening.

Why? Well, some overly eager Little Monster just leaked about 10 seconds of Lady Gaga‘s upcoming ARTPOP lead single, “Applause,” onto the net (after leaking Katy Perry‘s “Roar” to throw off the Prism campaign, no doubt.)

Pop culture was an art / Now art and pop culture in me / I live for the applause, applause…

The lyrics, like the “Aura” demo, are Illuminati egomaniacal #ARTPOP This Way nonsense — but I’ll be damned if that beat doesn’t sound pretty promising so far.

This could be scary good. Give it to us hard, Miss Gags! (But please, no more naked forest bellowing.)

Happy Saturday!

UPDATE: Snippet removed, as per the request of Mother Mother.

“Applause” will be released on August 19. (iTunes)