The Song Never Was…The Mixes Were, Though.

Way back when, Imogen Heap recorded a track for a television program that was ultimately scrapped. Yes…very sad, indeed.

While she never got around to composing a musical backbone for the song, she kept the vocals, jokingly referring to it as “The Song That Never Was.”

The raging Twitter fiend that she is, Heap then decided that, in honor of the first annual Twestival, she would let loose the vocals for the general public to have their way, mixing and mashing to their heart’s content. You can listen to the zillions of mixes that transpired right here, many of which are quite nice.

One of those mixes is the BITCHslapHAPPY mix, one of the remixers I’ve highlighted over the past couple months.

The mix does the song a nice amount of justice, incorporating a playful amount of throbbing dance energy and a slight toy-box beat that delivers Immi a stomp she’s never had going for her before.

DL: Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (BITCHslapHAPPY Remix)

Now, if she’d only get off of Twitter for a moment and get on with the new album.

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