MuuBits: April 21

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a spin ’round the blogosphere for you Muusers. Let’s go again, shall we?

Over at XO, Steve’s still going gaga (in the non-pop-star-wannabe sense) for Antigone. Make sure to check out the little mixtape widget for her debut album, AntigoneLand, released online this week. Good luck, Mizz ‘Tig!

AnthoNYC started my day off right at Tastes Like Caramel with this fabulous video of Little Boots‘ cover of the Sugababes track, “Overload.” What kind of instrument is that anyway? It’s more gorgeous than the sounds it’s emitting! Oh, and just a few minutes ago, we got the dish on the Lollapalooza ’09 line-up. Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, and Vampire Weekend? Yep…it’s a Pitchfork affair. I’m far more interested in the spinning going on at Perry’s, featuring Simian Mobile Disco, Kaskade, and Hercules & Love Affair. Now that? That’s my kind of party.

Ohh!Crapp continues to be one step ahead of the game with the show-stopping Fred Falke remix of Annie‘s “Anthonio.” Smooth, rich, and creamy. As my friend David suggested, could this be the first Italo Disco-esque release in years? Me thinks it possible. Going to invest in vinyl for this one!

HardCandyMusic‘s got a hugely essential collection of eleven recordings from Grace JonesHurricane Tour now currently ripping through the other side of globe, as well as some future tour dates. Anyone willing to shell out a few to fly me over to the Hollywood Bowl this summer? Let me know.

RobPop’s reviewed the new Emilia de Poret album over at DontStopThePop. I’ve not listened yet, but I’m more than willing to bet it’s a rather homosexual affair.

The sluts over at TheMusicSlut are giving away tickets to Peaches‘ NYC show and offering downloads of a shitty Coldplay cover by Gaga. It’s a mixed bag, you know?

Trust me, there’s loads of other news out there…now go on and support my friends!

Talk, To Me…Talk, Talk To Me.

Talk, To Me…Talk, Talk To Me.

If you’ve got some time, please read this new interview with Peaches for

Girls Aloud: A Taste Of Dynamite

Girls Aloud: A Taste Of Dynamite

Check out the thirty second taste of Girls Aloud‘s latest b-side from

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