Snow Falling On Soviets

Like many of my fellow Muusers, I’m still in the process of sitting shiva following the loss of one of the greater, if not the greatest, faux lesbian moody dance-pop girl duo’s of our generation: t.A.T.u.

Here now is the footage from the girls’ final single “Snegopady” from Happy Smiles.

Clever bits: Starting the video off at the end of “220.”
Sucky bits: Everything else.

With this final go, t.A.T.u. have exacted perhaps the worst offense of all pop videos. Nope, not a greatest hits montage. Not recycled concert footage. Not even a slowly rotating picture tribute in the style of a 14-year-old YouTube fan video…


Now, I don’t even mind the notion of “killing” off the girls–they are t.A.T.u. after all, and there is that slightly dark undertone throughout their music. But to do so in the style of Grand Theft Auto?

They’re not even in this damn video!

Ugh, this is so “Viva Forever” of them.

Muusers, Put Your Records On!

Muusers, Put Your Records On!

It’s almost that time again…Record Store Day!

Sounds Of The Universe Listening Party

Sounds Of The Universe Listening Party

Passing along this message to all you Boston-based Muusers out there, In case

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