Do You See What I Sia?

I’ve just experienced an utter Siasplosion today. No, seriously…

Firstly, May 5 saw the worldwide release of her iTunes Live In Sydney Sessions, recorded during the Australian leg of her tour for Some People Have Real Problems, featuring seven tracks including “Buttons,” “Breathe Me,” and “Soon We’ll Be Found.” It is, as we say in the industry, quite nice…and you can click below to preview and purchase.


Secondly, the release of her first ever DVD, TV Is My Parent, complete with all four Some People era videos, behind-the-scenes footage on tour, and the entire 2007 concert in Hiro Ballroom.

Now, I happened to get an advance screening last week. Can I just say what a complete and utter sweetheart she is? In fact, the whole band seems like a complete blast! The behind-the-scenes footage is hilarious, the live performances are stunning…basically, the entire package is just adorable. I highly enjoyed!

Finally, and most sillily of all, Sia is hosting a competition in honor of the release of TV Is My Parent. Basically, all you’ve got to do is create an instructional video (like a parent!) and submit it on YouTube (like a TV!), get millions of people to watch you, and become the most popular video of the bunch. If you do, you’ll not only win a bundle of Sia stuff, but a specially personalized video message from Sia to you! Click here to read the full scoop on the contest.

So click here to pre-order the DVD, which will be released May 18 in Europe and May 19 in the US. If you do, you’ll be entered automatically to win one of 10 signed DVD’s at random!

Busy lady.

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