Kylie Minogue: XI

While Kylie prepares at long last to visit her die-hard fans in the States (watch for me in the front row in New York, K), it seems she’s been ever-so-slightly tinkering around in the studio for the follow-up to her delicious tenth studio album, X, according to a newly published article in Billboard.

Aside from the usual foreign-artist-coming-hither specimen curiosity, the article threw in a small morsel for the fans at the end:

Minogue also said she has also started working on her 11th studio album — “very gingerly.”

“(It will be) pop, dance, that’s my thing,” she said. “I’d love to find a slightly new style, something that’s the next step for me. I kind of have an idea but I can’t really tell you. I’m working on it.”

Well, this crosses off the jazz standards idea that’s been swishing around for years now. What are we thinking, Muusers?

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