I Found Anthonio!


I just got my limited edition, 100 press “Anthonio” CD single from Annie in the mail today!

It comes with an envelope (WITH A REAL STAMP), a letter written to Anthonio from Annie featuring the song’s lyrics dispersed throughout, and an authentic Kodak picture of Annie with baby!

This is the way music releases should be handled; clever, unique, fun ways of promoting the music that goes beyond a simple download. Sure, I’m a sucker for tangible goods, but its campaigns like this that prove that music is about more than music–it’s an experience!

As for Anthonio, I hope you’re pleased with yourself. You know, the baby’s got your eyes…

DL: Annie – Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Version)

Click below to preview and purchase all seven tracks from the “Anthonio” EP!
Annie - Anthonio - EP

MuuMix Friday!

MuuMix Friday!

Seems like I only just did a remix post

"Revolver" Leaks, William Orbit Speaks

"Revolver" Leaks, William Orbit Speaks

Today, the full demo of “Revolver,” a supposedly new track of

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