"Revolver" Leaks, William Orbit Speaks

Today, the full demo of “Revolver,” a supposedly new track of Madonna‘s upcoming Greatest Hits package has leaked. I’m still too dubious to believe that this will actually be used, but for the purposes of this post, I shall entertain the notion.

“Revolver” is like an increasingly urban spin on anything off of Britney‘s Blackout–most notably “Radar” and “Piece Of Me.” It’s not as good as those two tracks, but it’s probably more fun than anything off of Hard Candy. Mercifully, the song does not beg for relevancy as pathetically as something like, say, “4 Minutes,” but it’s still too heavy-handed with “modern” production style to be considered unique in any shape or form.

What I’m getting at is that “Revolver” would be a step up from Candy…just not a big one. It’s fun, though…

Secondly, William Orbit has been doing some radio interviews around the UK to promote the release of his new album, My Oracle Lives Uptown which, alas, proved not my cup of tea upon hearing it a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, he had this to say to BBC Radio regarding Madge’s new sound:

She’s into Britney Spears’ last record. Not the last one, the one before. That Britney record with ”Piece Of Me” on it. She wants that brilliant sound. I absolutely adore the sound of ”Piece Of Me” and so does she. It’s one of my favorite tracks when I DJ and I play it. And I love playing Madonna’s song ”Music” she did with Mirwais and she’s right now looking for a sound that is similar to that. And I can’t make that sound even if I tried. It doesn’t come out that way. It all softens up in the end and she’s more into that hardcore dancing thing and so forth.”

Hm. Well, if it’s hardcore that she wants…

Thanks to Candy-Store.org for transcribing…head to their site to hear the whole thing!

DL: Revolver (Demo)

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I Found Anthonio!


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Introduucing…No Means Yes!

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