Meet New Zealand duo, BROODS. I know — so hot, right? But #ItGetsBetter: The music’s seriously good, too.

“Bridges” is a song produced by Joel Little, who also helmed a little album called Pure Heroine by a certain 17-year-old fellow kiwi named Lorde. As a result, the production is similar to Lorde’s downtempo, ambient alt-pop style (BROODing, if you will), albeit with a slightly more heavy electronic pulse and fluttery Ellie Goulding/Imogen Heap-ish vocals from Miss Georgia Nott. (That’s Caleb Nott you keep staring at up there, by the way. You may now resume staring.)

“And we’re burning all the bridges down / Watching it all go down in flames,” Goeorgia lightly coos above the heavenly production. So gorgeous! “Bridges” already suggests heaps of promising things to come from the up-and-coming duo, and lends itself quite nicely to being played on repeat for all of eternity.

Build a bridge, get over it, burn it all down, build another bridge, repeat.

Thanks to Sam for introducing me to this tune via Idolator.