Sneaky Sound System Are Getting A Bit Lazy And Want You To Do Something About It

So the brilliant Aussie electro-squeakers Sneaky Sound System don’t really feel like making a proper video for “It’s Not My Problem.” Therefore, it’s now your problem.

Make a video for Sneaky Sound System’s #1 UK club smash IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM and you could pick up £5,000 (approx A$10,500, US$8,200) and launch your career along the way.

We’ll provide a beautiful, single-take green-screen shot of Miss Connie singing the song. From there it’s up to you to go crazy with your creative vision, creating backgrounds, graphics, animation or anything else you think will make an amazing video. The only restriction is that you use the entire one-take of Connie and be able to supply your video in a broadcast-quality format.

Look at that, I got a little lazy too!

Interested? Then sign-up here! You really ought to give it a shot–they sound desperate. Plus, there’s five runner-up wins too! JUST DO IT. You can give Connie a silly hat or something.

DL: Sneaky Sound System – “When We Were Young” (Juan Maclean Remix)

For UK Muusers, click below to hear more from Sneaky Sound System.
Sneaky Sound System

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