Cassie To Release “Hide,” A 4-Ish Year Old Pharrell Song, This Summer

Cassie, Queen Of Hearts, fellow Connecticut-bred diva, model and occasional music-maker, stays ahead of the game.

Back around 2009 or 2010, well before Pharrell’s sudden reemergence on the pop scene in 2013 thanks to the maddeningly inescapable success of Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” and Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky,” the Queen of Icy-R&B tapped The Neptunes (Pharrell and Chad Hugo) for a song called “Hide.”

Somewhere around 2010, a muffled, one-minute snippet of the track hit the Internet. It sounds like diz…

Pure fire. Also, sounds a tiny bit like Britney‘s own Neptunes-produced classic “Boys,” yeah?

We, the ever-faithful Cassie Crew (The RockAByeBabys? The Me & Youers? The Patient Party?), have been awaiting this song for years — and apparently, so has she: “I worked with Pharrell, and we have a record together that people may have heard a clip of but they haven’t heard the whole thing, and it’s like me sitting on some gold. Like really dope stuff, but it’s older,” she told FADER back in April last year.

The song gained attention again when it was rumored to appear on last year’s RockAByeBaby mixtape (which, for the record, remains on heavy rotation), but still no dice. Most recently, the track was said to be part of Cassie’s long, long, long-delayed follow-up to 2006’s Cassie on Interscope this year (or maybe 2024).

Such an elusive banger — one might even say it’s been in HIDING.

But now, a major breakthrough: Last night, Cassie casually Instagrammed herself rocking out to the track with her pup, along with the caption: “this summer. #hide #pharrell #chadhugo.”

Could it be? Could it FINALLY be?! “Hide” is getting a summer release, nearly five years after being recorded? Also, new music from Cassie in general? Praise her light.



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