ActionAid UK: Roisin Murphy, Amanda Ghost, And More

Everyone could use a little girl power in the morning.

I now proudly present “I’m Every Woman,” the Chaka Khan classic that’s been revisited by six very different ladies to create one beautiful song: Amanda Ghost, Michachu, Róisín Murphy, CockNBullKid, Alessi’s Ark and Sinead O’Conner.

The single has been brought about by ActionAid UK, a human rights organization devoted to supporting women in extreme poverty across the globe.

Click here to download the single for free and learn more about the group. Plus, if you pass the track on to six more people, you’ll be able to download the gorgeous live version of “Glass” by Bat For Lashes, another supporter of the project! Excellent deal.

Interview With…Dragonette!

Interview With…Dragonette!

In 2007, a pop group called Dragonette released a very good, very solid pop

Mariah Carey: Obsessed (Video Premiere)

Mariah Carey: Obsessed (Video Premiere)

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