Daily B: One More Time, Baby?

The Pop Deities must be smiling upon us this evening as not one, but two exciting new developments are underway in the world of Spears.

Firstly, Britney.com has uploaded a new poll asking readers to choose which single they’d want to see if B was to release a NEXT SINGLE. What does this mean?

(A) There is a 65% chance that there will indeed be a next single (YAY!) and
(B) There is a 35% chance that it will be the one you actually chose.

Watch “Lace And Leather” become the announced single.

And secondly, and most fantastically, THIS TWEET FROM BRITNEY:

In Stockholm in the studio with Max Martin. -Britney


YES. Britney is in a studio. With Max Martin. Why? Nobody knows.

I personally believe it’s a case of opportunity–it’s not everyday you’re in the neighborhood of Mr. Martin. Thanks to the tour, she was able to drop by. Now…whether this is for a re-release, a new album, or simply putzing around, I couldn’t tell you. But what I am fairly confident about is that Martin’s got a slew of tracks lying around with which he’d probably LOVE to have B’s vocals laid on top.


Ellie Goulding: Swimming Pool

Ellie Goulding: Swimming Pool

Ellie Goulding, another member of my “Big In ’09” bunch, has

Shakira: She Wolf

Shakira: She Wolf

Let’s face it, this post is primarily an excuse to post that single cover

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