Dolly Rockers Caught Kissing a “Gold Digger,” Unveil “Boys Will Be Boys”

Dolly Rockers Stonehenge


The Dolly Rockers have just uploaded a snippet of their new single, “Boys Will Be Boys” onto their Musical MySpace.

In fifty seconds, I’ve already spotted several reasons to love, including:

+ The shouty “typical guy in love with his own reflection!” bit leading into the chorus.
+ “They never listen and they talk too much about stupid stuff, they’re so frickin’ boring.”
+ The jizz-worthy chorus.
+ “Boys will be boh-oh-oh-oh-oys…”

What a killer track! Probable 10/10 sort of business.

Oh, and have you seen their interview with Bananarama in the Guardian on Saturday? It’s essentially a pop wet dream realized. A must read for any discerning Brit-pop girl group fan! And for just a taste, a choice quote:

Keren: Shall we get some wine?

Lucie: I’m trying not to drink for a week …

Sara: (Hailing waiter again) We say that all the time … Red or white?

Lucie: White.

PS: Have YOU pre-ordered your “Gold Digger” single yet? I know I have–and you ought to, too. After all, the Girls have spent their time signing and kissing each pre-ordered physical single individually. Who knows what kind of paper cuts/paper-related lip diseases they’ve had to endure for that? Surely this will cover the cost of their medical expenses–PLUS THERE’S FREE LIPGLOSS WITH EVERY PURCHASE. ~So sold.~

So what are you waiting for? GET DOLLY ROCKERED!

Listen to Imogen Heap’s Ellipse Streaming Right Now!

Listen to Imogen Heap’s Ellipse Streaming Right Now!

This came out of NOWHERE!

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