Janet Jackson’s ABC Interview with Robin Roberts.

Thanks to YouTube user mbusturde, you can now view the entire yesterday’s ABC special interview with Janet Jackson.

The focus of the special is largely Michael-related, although she does delve into some personal topics as well, including her relationships, her career highlights and her struggles with depression and body issues.

Additionally, we do manage to get a little scoop on her latest work (she’s writing again!), including an extended teaser of the video for “Make Me” which, to my great surprise, is looking pretty sharp.

Even if she may come across as guarded from time to time, it’s the poise and professionalism exhibited throughout this interview that’s carried her through the industry for over twenty five years.

…And now, I shall return to grooving to my new copy of Janet’s Number Ones. Love!

Daily B: And The Singles Collection Debuts At…

Daily B: And The Singles Collection Debuts At…

#22 on the Top 200 Albums Chart

Daily B: Britney by Britney.

Daily B: Britney by Britney.

As I was debating the legitimacy of Britney‘s musical talent with a friend

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