You Don’t Know About PR: Understanding the New Sugababes 4.0 Press Release.


Today I received a press release in my inbox regarding the November 9 release of the Sugababes‘ second single off of Sweet 7, “About A Girl.”

Since suspending my disbelief was simply not an option about halfway through reading, I decided to share some of the many moments throughout that made me…reflect on the situation.

2009 sees a new chapter in the Sugababes’ incredible history with the exciting introduction of stunning new member Jade Ewen, who joins Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah following the departure of Keisha Buchanan, who left to pursue a solo career.

Oh really, she just left then? I believe it. NOTHING FISHY TO SEE HERE. LET US MOVE ON.

For their 7th longplayer aptly titled ‘Sweet 7’, the girls decided to retool the Sugababes magic. “It was about remembering what we are,” says Amelle, “and thinking about what we can be. We love this band. We love what we do. And we love the fact that every album is different from the last.” Three albums into her tenure as a ‘babe’ she can say this stuff.

This is almost unfair. Amelle, discussing who ‘we’ are as the Sugababes? Before you even have the option of slowly leaning back and thinking, “That’s a bit silly. She’s not really a Sugababe,” they’ve ALREADY read our minds: “NO. She can say this stuff…SHE’S BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST FOREVER.” They’re quite literally justifying her ‘Babe-ness!

Rihanna herself was working in the same studio as the Babes and after they finished recording tracks, the girls would ask their first producers Stargate what she thought of the material. The thumbs were up. Something was immediately beginning to catch fire.

And now, the actual dialogue from what actually transpired that night:

Amelle: Oi, thanks Sean Kingston!
Heidi: Slamming track. God, I’m just so excited about this!
Jade: Me too!
Heidi: WHO THE FUCK ARE YO–oh, right. Hey look, it’s Rihanna recording next door to us!
Amelle: Wow! Let’s ask her what she thinks.
Sugababes: RIHANNA.
Rihanna: ~You can see my heartttttt, beating….~
Sugabaes: RIHANNA.
Rihanna: ~Know that I must pass this test…~
Sugababes: RIHANNA.
Rihanna: ~So just pull th–~ WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT. WHO? WHAT.
Amelle: Do you like this?
Rihanna: HUH?
Heidi: OUR SONG?
Rihanna: HUH?
Jade: It’s with Sean Kingston!
Rihanna: ….*Thumbs up.*
Sugababes: *Gleeful celebration.*
Rihanna: *Middle finger.*
Soundboard Technician: Who the fuck ah’ they?
Rihanna: I don’t know. I think they’re, like, Diddy‘s new Making the Band group or some shit. SOMEONE GET ME SOME DARKER SUNGLASSES.

They were hob-nobbing with those that have shaped the sound of Beyonce and Lady Gaga and finding something with them that was distinctly their own.

Editor’s note: Not their own.

The girls Twittered the results as they were happening to their loyal fanbase in the UK, lending the whole thing an extra layer of dynamically modern instant returns. “We wanted to make the album as Sugababes as possible and wave the British flag, we‘ve pushed ourselves and stepped it up” says Amelle.

Yes, if any of the ‘Babes tweeted about the recording process, it was…well, it was Keisha who did that. How the hell does one ‘wave the British flag’ when you enlist American producers that make you sound serviceable to American radio anyway? And WHY is Amelle the only one contributing quotes to this thing? ISN’T SHE THE ONE IN THE CRAZY HOUSE RIGHT NOW?!

The new record is marked by a glistening neon sheen. It sits ahead of the contemporary curve of welterweight R&B with an endless succession of tracks to choose as singles. They say that this is the Sugababes record they are proudest of.

Some of them might even say, “This is the first Sugababes album I’ve ever recorded.”

If you can feel the confidence bouncing out of the girls in their shiny new form right now, you wouldn’t be wrong. “We’re having fun. We’re so excited to have Jade in the band and embracing the next chapter. This is us. And we want to be Sugababes as badly as ever.”

Yes, I’d have to say if there were any quality I’d pick out as eminating from the current line-up of the ‘Babes, it’s confidence.


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