Cheryl Cole Prepares Release of Third UK Single, “Parachute”

Cheryl Cole‘s third single off of 3 Words will officially be “Parachute,” due for release on March 15. From Cheryl’s official site:

We are pleased to announce that Cheryl’s next single will be the amazing ‘Parachute’, released on 15th March!

This is the song that MuuMuse called ‘the album’s most accessible track, as well as its catchiest’, with its ‘militant, marching drum beat and a twinkling mid-tempo piano melody’.

The Guardian labeled the track ‘an austere take on modern pop that gives Cole’s voice the space it needs’ and Digital Spy reckons that on ‘Parachute’ ‘strings and sweet nothings make for a cute combination!’

Cheryl is shooting the video next week and really excited about the next release.

More details will be coming soon, so stay tuned to Cheryl’s official site!

I don’t know who that ‘MuuMuse’ character is, but he sounds like a loon to me. A mention on Chezza’s site? LIFE GOAL ATTAINED.

In case you missed out, make sure to watch Cheryl’s near-flawless performance of the upcoming single on Cheryl Cole’s Night In. Let’s hope the video follows suit!

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