Shontelle‘s back (click here if you didn’t know where she was to be begin with), and she’s ready to get your tongues wagging again.

“Licky (Under the Covers)” is a modern sounding uptempo affair with an electro-stomp sensibility in the musical vein of Britney‘s “Womanizer” and Alexandra Burke‘s “Bad Boys.” The song’s structure is interesting however, given that the second verse is really more like three excellent bridges strung together only to be followed by the actual, superb bridge.

All of these factors combined help to overshadow the fact that the chorus of this song is indeed “L-I, licky C-K, licky Y.” EDIT: It’s actually just sampled from this Princess Superstar track.

The video, on the other hand, is a hyper-speed montage of high fashion in high definition. Occasionally, the ‘I’m going out for a night on the town’ plot shares more than a few passing similarities to Jamelia‘s video for “Beware of the Dog,” as demonstrated in this hastily put together presentation I’ve just done in Paint:

I’m just saying.

Nevertheless, the song and video are pretty fun affairs, so go ahead and lap it up, bitches.