Blast it! I was all set to give up on this IAMAMIWHOAMI nonsense, and now they’ve gone and uploaded another video.

This one, entitled “,” features a whole lot of screen time for the tree-licking mud woman, as well as more lyrics (are there lyrics?) than ever before.

By the way, it’s “M.A.N.D.R.A.G.O.R.A. C” if you apply the number counting philosophy.

And just what is a Mandragora? According to Wiki, it’s a multitude of things, including a demon, a plant genus, and a Chilean surrealist group. I’m going to go with the former definition on this one.

Less confident about this being Christina again. Thoughts, Muusers?


A side-by-side teeth comparison, and I’m ALL confuddled once more. THOSE ARE HER TEETH, DAMNIT.