MuuMuse Approved Tracks for the Week of May 9, 2010

5. Sia – Bring Night
Sometimes I forget how insatiably good this song actually is, and then I play it once again and remember. The anthem for many dance parties to come.
4. Paradiso Girls – Boys Go Crazy
Their debut is still permanently on hold, but I’ll be damned if I don’t listen to their leaks on the daily. SHE A BAD BITCH.
3. Usher – OMG (ft. Will.I.Am)
It’s currently burning up the charts, and rightfully so. The song falls in line with the surge of urban-dance as of late (Oh hay, Taio Cruz!), but remains a cut above for its clever construction and arena sound.
2. Nicki Minaj – Your Love
The final mix is circulating, and Nicki’s tweets about the song seem to suggest that it’s lined up as the next single. Judging by the swing-and-a-miss of “Massive Attack,” I sure hope she’s back on track with this one. Her debut is destined for greatness.
1. Kelly Rowland – Commander
Guess which song is still just as amazing this week as it was last week? Smash the clubs wide open, Kelly.