OUT Magazine has just published the full (e-mail) interview and photo spread from Britney‘s upcoming April issue, lovingly titled ‘Britney E-Mails Her Heart.’ (Song reference is MuuMuse Approved!)

Spoiler alert: IT’S AMAZING.

Brit Brit refers to Femme Fatale as her “most upbeat and mature album yet” and further discusses working with Will.I.Am and Sabi within the magazine Q&A, as well as declaring Natalie Imbruglia‘s Left Of The Middle as “lifechanging.” (Nice choice, B!)

Additional highlights include her recalling the fact that the label execs wanted her to play a superhero fighting a giant robot monster for the “…Baby One More Time” video and once again spotlighting Madonna as her inspiration. Additionally, she declares that she loves Lady Gaga (“unique”) and Rihanna (“‘S&M’ is awesome”) and finds Christina Aguilera “truly talented.”

But don’t let me spoil all of it…read the full thing now!

In the meantime, I’m still utterly GAGGING over these photographs. So Matureney! So “Outrageous”! Dark, sexy and mysterious? Yup–looks like our Femme Fatale to me!

Now someone get me these photos in high quality…STAT!