Good Like That: Assorted Thoughts Regarding Kylie Minogue’s “Go Hard or Go Home”

A Muuser asked what I thought of “All The Lovers” B-side, “Go Hard or Go Home.” Here is my answer, in bullet form:

· “Go Hard or Go Home” is another amazing Kylie Minogue B-side.

· In the tradition of Kylie Minogue B-sides, “Go Hard Or Go Home” is exceptionally good and probably worthy of proper album release (please see “Tightrope,” “I’m Just Here For The Music,” and “B.P.M.” for further proof.)

· Then again, it’s probably slightly too bouncy to slip in between the lush layers of Aphrodite.

· The song opens, misleadingly, with a guitar strum. This is not “Paper Dolls.”

· Kylie speaks of going to “St. Elsewhere” which, according to a quick Wikipedia search, is “an American medical drama television series that originally ran on NBC from October 26, 1982 to May 25, 1988” set in “a decaying urban teaching hospital in Boston’s South End neighborhood.” I might have opted for somewhere a bit more tropical.

· The lyrics of the middle eight are a vocoded “Dum da dum da dum.” Or “Duh nah nuh nuh nuh.” One of those. Brilliant.

· There are some bits throughout the song that find Kylie bordering on entering into the current American dance-pop sound (the male chant of “Ay!” in the bridge, for instance, is pure The-Dream production). It is at first unnerving, but the feeling soon fades with the glittery choruses.

· In conclusion, glorious.

Click here to preview and purchase “All The Lovers.”

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