Fefe Dobson Releases Second Amazing Song from Upcoming Album, “Stuttering”

Fefe Dobson‘s got a new single out on September 7, and it’s called “Stuttering.”

You can currently snatch it for free (as long as you spread the word online. Such is the nature of the digital era!)

It seems that Dobson’s still pissed post-“Ghost,” which is a bit silly (or incredible) given that her upcoming album is named Joy.

As a pop track, the melodies and rhythms are deeply and wonderfully derivative: The chorus is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson‘s “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” the delivery style is similar to every Jordin Sparks song you’ve ever heard, and the verse melody reminds me of Iyaz‘s “Replay.”

There’s also the nonsensical repetitive bit (“oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ay-ay-ay-ay”) thrown into the end of chorus, which is now an all but required trait for any Successful Pop Song of the 21st Century.

But please, let’s not get it twisted: “Stuttering” is a solid, solid pop track. Just because it sounds like a blend of things that already exist doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be sneaking its way up the charts soon. I’m obsessed at the moment.

PS: “Ghost” is still fucking amazing. Or have you forgotten yet? Let’s review.

Joy will be released later this fall.

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