CALL 911! I’m having a panic attack!

No, wait. It’s just new Florrie. (LOLOL DO U SEE WUT I DID THERE.)

The Xenomania sweetheart is back with yet another free track for the masses: “Give Me Your Love.”

As per usual, the song was produced by Italo-disco mastermind Fred Falke and features Xeno players Jason Resch, Kieran Jones, and Toby Scott on instruments, as well as Florrie herself on drums!

“Give Me Your Love” is as much of a solid disco smash as it is an indie-rock track in disguise. It’s even conjuring some comparisons to Tegan & Sara‘s latest efforts in my mind.

I swear, these are such sweet treats. Fred Falke songs performed by Xenomania house members–and all for free? GIMME MOAH.

Moah, you say? Well, don’t worry–the singer’s already tweeted that there’s another one coming next Friday.

DL: Florrie – Give Me Your Love

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