Songs About Shoes: A Taste of The Sirens’ Upcoming Single, “Stilettos”

Meet (the) Sirens, a girl group from Newcastle, England. You’ve probably never heard of them, but maybe you have.

The sirens of Sirens have actually been around ever since 2003, although their music has never really struck a chord with the general public. In fact, their greatest chart success was a single called “Baby (Off the Wall)” that peaked at #49 on the UK Charts, though the group did go ‘big in Japan.’ (For the record, so did Jennifer Love Hewitt. Make of that what you will.)

Don’t remember the song? Me either. Let’s review together, shall we?

As you can see, there was room for improvement.

Turn to 2010: The girls are back (can a girl group truly be ‘back’ if they were never here to begin with? I digress), and vastly better than ever thanks to a brand new single coming out later this year called “Stilettos.” You can now treat yourself to thirty seconds of the song below:


“Stilettos” was produced by Danish production team Deekay, responsible for tracks by JLS, the Sugababes, and most importantly, Paula Abdul‘s global smash, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.”

Yes, it’s a bit of obvious ‘modern sounding’ dance pop. And yes, the image and sound are all very heavily “inspired” by Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue. But who’s going to turn down an electro-stomper about a pair of pumps? I mean, come on.

Note: The full track is ALL shades of amazing. There’s lots of talk about inches and stomping and clicking. All good things.

Girls, welcome back. Or…well, welcome here in the first place.

“Stilletos” will be released on October 4 via Kitchenware Records.

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