I am such a Selena Gomez fan.

Above is the brand new video for her upcoming single, “A Year Without Rain,” the title track off of her upcoming sophomore album with her band, Selena Gomez & The Scene.

I’m loving the song, I’m loving the video. There’s nothing new or revolutionary here–she’s just standing around in a desert. BUT THAT’S WHAT THE SONG’S ABOUT. I do love the inevitable rain bit at the end–shades of Britney‘s “Stronger” without a doubt, and all done in a classy manner. She is, like, 12 after all.

I do believe that Mizz Gomez is about ten steps ahead of every other Disney chick in the industry. She carries with her an actual air of class, making me think she may actually make something of herself beyond her time with the network.

Now roll out the remix package, please!

The single will be released on September 7, followed by the release of A Year Without Rain on September 21.