Amazing Grace: A Neat Photo Find In Rihanna’s Rated R Photo Book

And now, I present a random Rihanna stan moment. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO, HO.

Among the many goodies I received from Santa this year, including Rachel StevensCome & Get It, a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones and Girls Aloud‘s scintillating tell-all Dreams That Glitter, I was ever-so-graciously gifted with Rihanna–RiRi’s newly released photo book chronicling the artistic evolution of the Rated R campaign as co-concocted with creative director, Simon Henwood (who I interviewed a few months ago about the project). Genius!

While gingerly flipping through the book’s flawless pages tonight, I noticed something that had me OMG-ing all over the place:

LOOK! It’s Rihanna, thumbing through Jean Paul-Goude‘s So Far, So Goude looking for inspiration and clearly staring at Grace Jones‘ iconic cage photograph from their 1982 collaboration, Jungle Fever!

This photo find greatly excited me–so much so that I felt everyone needed to know about it.


MuuMuse (and Kylie) Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

MuuMuse (and Kylie) Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

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